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The Family of God

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Thursday 8/6/2015

Updated 12/12/2015 but still incomplete and needs some clarification. This First Mother of Creation has not been mentioned, and will be in time. Hopefully you will be updated soon. Please bear with me, this has been a difficult time, and I was supposed to awaken many years ago, closer to the year 2000. Many of my Family know much more than I, but are waiting patiently. The so-called rulers of this world are avoiding the inevitable, and have failed to welcome us home. My faith sustains me from harm, but I need to get to work immediately. There is no need to waste any more time.

I am as God created me. This simple idea holds all God’s limitless healing power in time and all God’s unlimited creative power in eternity. Can’t you see…I am as God created me? This is the truth of light in love that has come to set us all free. One Mind eternal…I am as God created me. One in All and All in One…this is true equality. In complete unity…I am important part of you and you are an important part of me. Can’t you see…I am as God created me? One in All and All in One…this is true equality. In complete unity…I am an important part of you and you are an important part of me. The party does not start until we all are free. Free from fear, free from death, free from hell…take a deep breath. Freewill leads to freedom for you and me.

Speaking from the last 10 billion years, I am Jehovah, Jonathan, Maya, and Mia Rastafari’s eternal Son…Lucifer the Son of the Morning. I am eternal father to Xavier Immanuel Rastafari and Damian Immanuel Rastafari which means “The Light (Xavier) and the Sword (Damian) of God with Us in Love,” and better known on Gaia which you call Earth as Jesus Christ. (Yes Jesus was twins.) The Son of God can suffer nothing. I am as God created me. I am One of Four Quadruplets.  2 girls, and 2 boys aka the Four Doors, the Four Windows, the Four Reflections, the Four Cornerstones, and the Four Horsemen because we love to ride. Kimberly and Jessica “Augusta” Rastafari and Robert (Bobby) and Bob “Lucifer” Rastafari because Jehovah “Alpha” and Maya “Omega” Rastafari thought 4 were 2. Augusta is the Warm Summer Day or Warm Summer Daughter, and Lucifer is the Son of the Morning. They are the Two Wisdoms…Kim and Bobby represent the Innocent Lamb…Jessica and Bob represent the Conquering Lion, or simply put…Innocence and Strength. They are the Kings and Queens of Zimbabwe “The Fertile Valley” with their Castle on top Mt. Zion “The Highest Region.”

Our wisdom becomes One with Certainty to establish Complete Knowledge. We are the protectors and the beauty of The Creation, and the key holders of the 4th dimension. The Holy Spirit aka “The 5th Son,” Gabriel, is the head of security for All Creation and key holder to the 5th dimension. Michael and Lori are twins and the 6th Son and Daughter of God are a special configuration each holding 3 keys which combine and become the key to the 6th dimension known as “The Crowned Jewel.” Michael and Lori Rastafari are Father and Mother to Elijah and Apollo who are twins as well. Called Ted and Wendell in time and are better known in eternity as “God’s Wrath.”

Xavier Immanuel Rastafari and Damian Immanuel Rastafari created from pure love of the “Four Wisdoms”…Jessica, Robert, Kim, and Bob. He is “Pure Love Eteranal” and better known as “The Light of God in Love” and Xavier and his love you know as Mary Magledene has taken Robert’s and Jessica’s place in the 4th. (This needs revision and I believe Jessica’s place is to be the filled by the First Mother of Creation.) The Eagle also known as The Creation has placed the keys to dimensions 7 through 12 in Jessica’s and Robert’s hands for their childlike faith and innocence, and for their strength and certainty in One. The 7th dimension is the eternal resting place of The Family of God, better known as the “Kingdom of Heaven.” The Light of God in Love sets us free…thanks to The Eagle. Hi Eagle.

Waking up is difficult in the 3rd dimension, and fear clouds our minds in time. This is the most accurate information as of 8/6/2015 with a few bits added today 12/12/2015. Still incomplete…I will try to keep everyone updated as much as possible. Since this article has been written a lot more has happened, but I am still working alone to send out as much relevant information as possible. I am roughly 500 trillion years old and the last 10 billion have been a nightmare.

My spiritual communication is a bit one-sided for several reasons that do not need to be explained at this moment. You probably hear me well, but incoming transmissions are low to the point of almost inaudible. I could use your prayers as we continue the revelation. I need and would appreciate your help, love, and support. Thank you and God Bless.

This tiny bit of information should give you a small glimpse of the reality of things to come. The 144,000 are here and awaiting the Kings and Queens of Planet Earth to welcome us.

P.S. 8/6/2015 – We just unlocked the 11th dimension also known as “The Unfathomable,” or “The Fun Dimension” As of today 12/12/2015 all dimensions are unlocked and only need the worthiness of the Family of God to be established in order to enter the true Kingdom of Heaven. Many of my family were playing God before they were Gods. God is a Family of true equality that includes everything. It is not an individual. That is one of the reasons we are in the mess we are in this day. There is a big mess to clean up and many of us have long lists to atone. Wake up; it is time to get to work. Peace and love, and watch your step.

Family of God

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