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apocalypse now or later

Apocalypse Now or Later: Your Final Judgment

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – 7/2/15

*Note: God is a Family.

Enter the Apocalypse, or don’t: it is entirely up to you. Burn in the fire and brimstone; be eaten alive…I don’t know what I am talking about. Let me correct my mind a bit. Okay, now I feel better. (smile)

Your final judgment is waiting for you right now; that is if your are ready to except it. The Family of God has already prepared it for you, and it continues to be updated as long as you hide from the light of truth, which is the light of your salvation.

When you decide to turn and face God, and accept His Will as your own; your final correction will begin. As you correct past errors, you will heal yourself and learn God’s way with complete understanding. Love is the Answer for your errors and mistakes. By giving love unconditionally…let me repeat; by giving love unconditionally, you will have every opportunity to correct and heal all your past mistakes and errors; and you will learn to appreciate all of God’s totally awesome creations, even the little ones.

Gentle correction is God’s method, even though it may seem harsh at first. The initial reaction for many Apocalypsers is denial, rebellion, anger, and frustration. It can be an easy ride home, and you could be back in the Kingdom of Heaven in no time. All you have to do is accept the gentle corrections that have been placed on your path.

Every moment you are alive is an opportunity  to live in truth and accept God’s correction to your thinking. The Family of God wants nothing more than to rejoice and celebrate with you right now, but fear is not allowed in the Kingdom of Heaven; and you are filled with it. That is why God designed a full proof plan for your salvation; you just have to accept it with a little bit of willingness.

If you are ready to accept your salvation, pray this prayer:

Dear God,

I know I have fallen short of your glory. I know I need to correct my wrongs, pay my debts, and amend my mistakes. I am willing to accept my part in the Atonement, and I know you already laid out the plan for my salvation. Please guide me home and gently correct my every thought and every action when I am in the wrong. I need your love and only your love, which is perfect and unconditional. I am ready to come home; I miss you so much. I need your forgiveness to be my own. Allow me to accept and understand your unlimited gifts of love, so I may share your gifts with everyone on my path to you God. I know as I share your unlimited gifts of unconditional love, I correct my ways. Please help me; I am ready to know and follow your Will. I ask for your blessings by the power of the Christ Mind, by the connection of the Holy Spirit, and by the peace and love of the Motherhood and Fatherhood of God. AMEN

Apocalypse Now or Later: Your Final Judgment

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