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faith and love

Faith and Love

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft -Friday 7/31/2015

*Inspired by Jim Carey’s graduation speech.

Why do we ask for freedom, only to put our faith in chains? Let us remove our faith from chains and invest our faith in freedom. When we bargain with any member in Our Family, which is the body of Christ, better known as the Family of God…our bargain sets limits against everyone involved in the situation. We hate limits, so we hate each other by the power of the limits we place upon each other.

God is limitless, and since the Family of God gives their unlimited gifts freely, all the children of God are created limitless. God is perfect, and only creates perfection, so you are God’s perfect creation. Perfect cannot become imperfect, so sin is not real. Sin being an illusion of the mind was not created by God. Anything God does not create, does not exist. God is love. This is God’s changeless reality. Freewill leads to freedom. This is God’s changeless reality.

Love is God’s only answer to our seeming problems. Fear is the root of sin; and since we believe sin is real, it is the only problem. But fear does not exist in reality, so it is merely an illusion. God created the Holy Spirit to correct our thinking and heal the illusion of fear, and return us to love.

God loves us and created us to be One with the Kingdom of Heaven…not alone and afraid. Where fear separates us…love unites us. While fear destroys communication with God…love connects us all as One within the Christ mind. In love God’s Voice speaks to us through Christ, which is One Mind Eternal.

God’s perfect Will does not fail, so our problem was solved the instant we believed in the problem. Now we have to accept the Answer. Love is God’s only Answer. Love is the unlimited Gift of God. All unlimited gifts are meant to be shared freely.

If you want salvation…if you want to be in Heaven now, you must share God’s perfect unconditional Love always. Unconditional love is giving love freely without concern of any return. Knowing faithfully we are God’s unlimited creations…giving is receiving.

When you love any part of God’s Creation it is felt equally by everyone in the whole Family of God, which you are an important part. So any love you give is returned to you. (reference: Fibonacci)

Boberb: God’s unlimited gifts add to the All of Creation by allowing what cannot contain itself to fulfill its aim at giving everything it has away, which actually secures it always and forever for itself.

Faith and Love

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