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Baby Killers

Baby Killers

by Robert G Brown

Wednesday 11.22.2017

A world of death bores you with a shovel to dig your grave, why not kill babies and feed them to your enemies? If that only happened to 100 babies a year, would that be too many babies for you? Baby killers is who you are working for in Business as Usual. Abortion pile-ups, rape, molestation are a few ways we can see the power of the human mind used incorrectly, and if one person is that sick to commit those types of crimes against life, then it deserves every living soul’s attention. Baby killers is not a title I want for myself or anybody else, so let us heal together in the light of truth. You cannot hide from God or His family, and I know what you did, and what you said. And even if you murdered me and every other living thing to hide from God, what I know will never disappear, but it can be amended and forgotten, when a collective understanding has been reached through the Atonement. We learn and heal together, until sickness is gone forever.

Child molestation is up, since parents learned they can make big cash selling their kids around the neighborhood, or on huge child porn networks? That would be disturbing if your neighbors were selling their kids for full insertion poundings, wouldn’t it? Shouldn’t we be finding out who are neighbors are, and if their kids are okay? Tender ass poundings for cash just doesn’t sound right. How well do you really know your neighborhood? What if their kids are tied to the wall waiting for their next meal? I want to know, and speak with everyone, so this is not a possibility, or even a thought in our heads, but until then, your neighbors kids might of been at an ass rape orgy last night. Don’t you want to at least know who was involved you dirty fucking scumbag? It is your problem, and every life is your concern, and these nightmares have to end. This is just the tip of the iceberg when our family is lost in nightmares. Only unity can heal these atrocities of those hiding in closets thinking they can hide from God.

In-charge leadership says suck a dick, fuck you asshole, while honest people pray for the closet to disappear. In-charge was designed, so you would hold onto your possessions and closet life styles thinking everyone else’s issues are not your problem. Mini-gods tell each other what to do, while we slowly die from indecision, and/or poor decisions. Come to the light, and end the era of the baby killer, so your neighbors kids don’t have to get bent over the wrong way any more. Slaves and slave drivers vs. abundant life is accomplished by all, and right now we are still all slaves as far as I can tell. What is your in-charge going to tell you today to keep you hiding in a closet?

Baby Killers

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