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choke rice

Choke Rice

by Robert G Brown

Thursday – 11.23.2017 – Happy Thanksgiving

Dear In-charge,

Choke rice. While you have the money to buy the new iPhone 6, there are members of your family worldwide that choke hoping for their next grain of rice. Choke rice. Business as Usual with in-charge leadership that tells you what to do is your way of life, so you can buy and sell shit to your family, which is every human and all living things in the Mind of God. At least you learned how to tell people what to do, as the children of God live freely in abundance. Every door is open beyond ownership, and food, clothing, and shelter is made and given abundantly. Why do we not see this world, known as that last physical reality? Go sell some shit, and wonder.

As you eat your Thanksgiving dinner today, remember those in your cruel world that will eat nothing today, because you think freedom costs money, and status is achieved by the amount of money you have, not by the love you give, or even better, being the perfect creation you always are in the Mind of God, your works do not establish your perfection, God does. Let the starving savor your every bite, as you think of them, while you fill your belly. And say hello to your dead turkey for me. You can call it dead meat.

If you didn’t eat until you were choking for food, do you think it would help you change anything about your life? We are a big family of around 7.5 billion, and we ignore most of them, as not my problems. Many, like around 3 billion, don’t even have clean water to drink. Food is limited, and life from your standpoint would look bleak, but many in poorer cultures are happier, because they appreciate the little they have. Does that mean we abandon, and reject them, while we rape their resources, and use them for cheap labor? Happy Thanksgiving choke rice.

Let us bring our family back together in thanks and appreciation for all creation, by learning our part in these healing times as the Kingdom of Heaven should. That’s you, The Kingdom of Heaven. We are not poor, broken, suffering, struggling, or in pain, but as we pretend to be separate from one another, our minds think sickness and death are possible, and our inheritance in a world gone mad. But enjoy your dinner in thanks, right? All the while, you believe many die, while the world crumbles, by your investment in a false freedom that leads to the grave. Choke rice.

We can and do live together, but as one, it takes the power of all, knowing exactly what to do, without anyone in-charge of who you are. We learn together and heal together, as we share the word of our Father in Heaven, by the power of The Holy Spirit. Your contribution to healing undoes the past to outshine guilt, and releases you back to Love’s Presence. Welcome your self to a new world here on Earth by allowing your old world to slip away into the Light of Truth. Triple anal insertion punch to teeth knockout vs. gentle kindness is a choice we must make to understand why God just wants us to be happy. God loves you. Amen

Choke Rice

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