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best day ever

The Best Day Ever

by Robert G Brown

Sunday 9.3.2017

Father, Son, The Holy Ghost

Together as One

No need to boast

Here I am

Where are you?

North Dakota

Not singing the blues

We only see each other every once in a while

But when I see you, I always smile

If it is happiness you bring to me

Then it is you I want to see

In my arms where you belong

All apart of Heaven’s song

Beyond time and space

Together forever is our place

Don’t forget, it’s not a race

Heaven is waiting, but that is who you are

Father, Son, life is so bizarre

A little weird

A lot of fun

Far away

Catch your lovin’ on the run

But when you are close

Life is clear Father Son…is how we appear

Love eternal, love is real grand

The best day ever written in the sand

Gives us a chance for another one

The Holy Spirit unites the Father with His Son

Another chance to have some fun

Your decision is the happy choice

Forever in Heaven we rejoice

The best day ever is written in the stars

Don’t forget me, or who you are.

The Best Day Ever

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