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unconditional love: science's missing link

Unconditional Love: Science’s Missing Link

by Robert G Brown and the FoG

Friday 9.1.2017

Updated 11.11.2018

The is so much dispersion between religion and science. Why not use the spiritual principles found in religion to unfold the mysteries of science? Unconditional love seems to be overlooked, when the word science gets involved, but plays a role in all religions. If used as a foundation for science, we may shed some light on why so-called spiritual masters find the light on their path through the power of unconditional love. There is nothing unbiased about existence, and your observation alone plays a major role in the experiment being conducted, because of the power of the mind. Conducting any experiment adds various variables to the outcome of the experiment. Witnesses to the power of unconditional love has stumped scientists for ages, and our history states God came before science. We have always looked to God initially, until science shed light upon our tribulations.

Why are we looking to exclude God now, after years of finding answers, by trusting a power greater than ourselves, that even led to modern day experiments? Now we seem to crush education and dreams for all those that do not fit society’s mold of human or humane. Throwing things in the trash has become our greatest gift to God. What happened to loving one another? I see a world that is less than human and not humane. We must be hiding what we don’t want anyone to recognize or see. Nothing to see here, right Officer Barre Brady? We should be bringing our world to the light, so we may see our innocence, once again. Compressing past and future, roots us solidly in the now, giving us the ability to be free in the moment, where happiness abides.

Make a thousand happy choices or decisions today, and see how you feel. That’s a great experiment. Depending on the moment your decision expresses the outcome of each moment, and with most people living in fear, our decision can lead away from or through fear, or keep us locked in it. When you adopt any new thinking, like making happy decisions, there is always an adjustment period. Even if you could heal the world in one instant, your mind may take years just to accept the possibility. This is why faith is important on a spiritual walk, or collecting the resources to conduct a scientific experiment. Any conduct bears the best results in the light of truth to beheld by all people whom are interested. Hiding what we do just prolongs our inevitable journey back to Heaven.

Why not use the spiritual principles found in religion to unfold the mysteries of science?

Unconditional love, what is it? It gives all while expecting nothing, knowing what is given is received, and the reception is maximal for all existence. That means we all receive the gift of love, even the giver. Once you realize God is everything and gave you everything, through the power of unconditional love, you no longer have anything to fear. There is no lack or loss, and you can live freely helping guide God’s children back to Heaven…a place they never left. They simply thought they did, once their mind let fear in the door of their mind. In eternity it was a mistake that lasted an instant, and in time, your decision is the length you endure in fear, as you learn to see beyond our error that fear ever existed. The ego was the voice we made to take the place of God’s. …And unconditional love is the love that leads us home, knowing God gave us all the tools to make the journey back to innocence, by the light of truth. His message is clear, when joy and happiness is the decision for your life.

The happy decision is your ticket home. Sharing your happy dream with others opens the door for more to follow. Who is willing to embrace such a dream is up to each individual, as they have as much time as needed to find their way home…a place you never left, except in your mind. Re-establish your communication with God, by following the happy voice, the Voice of The Holy Spirit. As the Universal Inspiration of our best love, and joyous times, The Holy Spirit knows how to get us back to where we all belong quickly, when you are willing to listen and use His Voice. Countless decisions of confusion become One Decision, the decision that faces fear, forgives the world, and makes you happy. Now living moment to moment with Heaven as your goal, you become the person you always were and are…Heaven, and everything you see including yourself is the One Son of God.

In practice, the happy decision that is based off of sharing unconditional love showing you who you have always been in God’s eyes…a loving, caring child that wants to share everything, knowing we are free and unlimited. Science doesn’t seem to understand free and unlimited in human terms. A crumbling pyramid is what the world’s society invested in, and now it is time to reverse the effects of our bad decisions, by understanding unity, by the power of family and community. Feeding, housing, and clothing one another is our gift of freedom to each other, as we provide the best of our world for all. Moving from self-annihilation towards freedom is our only hope, as our world crumbles, because we are afraid to see past our blinders, because we think we are better off than someone else, instead of seeing everyone as our Self.

Sharing your happy dream with others opens the door for more to follow.

Unconditional love gives freely to all, knowing what is given is received, so it expects nothing. It goes well beyond material treasures to the world unseen by the bodies eyes where true perception of God’s vision sits quietly waiting for us to wake up, and fulfill our role as savior to those God has brought to us. Unconditional love forgives, understands, accepts, walks by faith, never loses hope, and brings happiness with every step. The joy of God prevails and sets the children free. It is already written in eternity. How much time do you plan on wasting, when your step is sure, even with the fears you are facing? Facing your fears in one of unconditional love’s greatest gifts. It gives you the power to look fear in the face and overcome its effects, by the power of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is God’s greatest healing gift. It overlooks error in others and sees beyond the nightmare our minds made up, to the innocence of everyone. Unconditional love grants this gift in sharing forgiveness with everyone we meet. Recognizing our innocence ensures our freedom. Can it be tested? Should it be tested? It can easily be observed, and should be looked upon, as we all need freedom from this world. Trapped in a body is not our inheritance. The Spirit of God is our inheritance, and we are all included. Nothing can be thrown away, but we sure like to pretend. Tender loving care is what we all need and deserve, now matter how tough we look. …And beyond the body, we can come and go as we please, but that means we don’t need anything, because God gave it all away. It is more of a question of how to use it right.

What happens to relativity, once you add unconditional love to its foundation? What lessons do we learn? Do we open a gateway to our true being? If we are One Son, and are interconnected, how do we live together in peace? Is peace our natural inheritance, and if so, how do we live in peace, while accepting each others lives in love and understanding, knowing our hearts desires fulfill life? When does recycling play a major in the physical realms, to help us understand the spiritual realms? Our decision is our own, but is it in accordance with God’s? If our will is to align with God’s Will, so we may understand our true nature, of joy and happiness, what stands in our way of fully experiencing and expressing ourselves? I believe we were created as music. If this is true, what serious endeavors do we have standing in  our way? What must we forgive, to remember our light hearted ways? What role does unconditional love play in modern day sciences?

Unconditional love gives freely to all, knowing what is given is received, so it expects nothing.

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Unconditional Love: Science’s Missing Link

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