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Work It

Work It

by Robert G Brown

Wednesday 9.6.2017

God doesn’t stop anything; be sure He let’s you know He is there. Love doesn’t stop anything, but always let’s you know that it’s here. Fear between me and you stops us from directly connecting with God, so we must forgive each other. The peace of God comes when everyone forgives everyone. God knows not fear. His love is unconditional. You are my brothers and sisters, mother’s and father’s. Let’s wipe the tears away, and remember an ancient memory that only Knows love’s Presence. People just don’t trust people at all anymore, and I seem to be one of them. I can’t wait for the next episode. Wait there’s more. No there isn’t. I got to move on Jack. We gotta talk. We can’t get one thing done without the wrong people jumping in… like these obnoxious voices in head. They should be happy. People forget our planet is a mom too. People want money more than life sometimes, and they become afraid that someone is going take their stuff away from them. Just say I love you until the end of your days. God bless forgiveness.

The Work It video series helps us understand some of the current issues we are facing on this planet. I hope you enjoy my perspective and metaphor.

Work It

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