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Birth of Jesus

by Robert G Brown

Wednesday 8/19/2015

Kim and Jessica became one body and Bob and I became one body in eternity, and mad some serious love, “Pure Love Eternal.” The universe you call Jesus was quite the explosion I have to say, and I think many of you agree. He was our first Son. When he earned the title, “Master of Forgiveness,” we…Kim, Jessica, Bob, and I came to Earth as One body and gave Mary some serious lovin’. This time around Jessica and I were supposed to bring Immanuel and Bob back in.

This is actually the end of time. We are all back…the 144,000. Buddha is running China, and Muhammad is the President of the United States. We are all back and we are all family…The Family of God. There is only one religion…Love. Right, Ziggy? Love the new song by the way.

Birth of Jesus

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