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Why Can’t I Be Jesus Christ?

by Robert G Brown

Tuesday 8/30/2016

Why can’t I be Jesus Christ? Is that too hard to believe? As a thief in the night, who would have ever thought he would show up in Delran, NJ? So, what if I was him…what would you think? Would you say no way or think God is pretty clever?

What is happening on planet Earth right now? Is this really our final war? Who are the players, and what are they playing for? He acts way to crazy to be Jesus, but what is Heaven really like? If he calls his way fitting in, he is way off the mark. Maybe I just don’t understand, because of the way I live my life. Maybe it is him, and I just don’t use my sight.

The depth of God’s knowledge is beyond all of us…does that mean we shouldn’t trust him? Is His decision not worthy of our attention anymore? If all He wanted us to do was unite and clean up our mess, would that be to much to ask?

I AM Jesus Christ here to do my part during Earth’s final war. I think we can do it peacefully, if we except each other for who we are. We all have problems and we all need healing, and God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle, right? Let’s discover Heaven together, because we aint going down without a fight.


Mr. Brown

Why Can’t I Be Jesus Christ?

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