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beautiful seeds

Seeds are Beautiful…They Grown into Beautiful Things

by Robert G  Brown

Saturday 8/27/2016

Seeds are Beautiful…They Grow into Beautiful Things,

You can plant them everywhere, this is the song they sing,

If you listen closely, they will tell you where they want to be.

…And before you know, a strong and beautiful tree.

A little love, a little care…giving always and always fair,

See the solution, solve the puzzle,

The riddles rhyme, free from pollution.

The answer has come, One true solution,

Who were you meant to be?

Cause now its fear, that’s what I see.

Don’t worry we are all a little scared,

Must of missed the sign, it said beware.

Freedom rings as walkers walk,

We had enough time to talk the talk.

The answer has come, One true solution,

Get together, and end the confusion.

I would love to hear what you have to say,

So, the actors folly, and the players play.

But we are all in trouble now,

God doesn’t like us liven in disarray.

The children suffer, as the problems mount,

You must of forgot, It’s on you we count.

Please help us now, please solve the problem.

As lovers love, and artists paint.

You should of known, you were born a saint.

The path is gone, the moment is missing,

It’s just ashame , we all’ve been dissing.

Thinking one way is better than another, and now God’s decision doesn’t matter.

On our way to the next big disaster,

A simple please, skip the flatter,

It’s time to act, skip the chatter.

The story is writing, and it’s time to write the next chapter.

The time is near, let us end the fear,

Love again, because that’s what’s right.

Now we dance throughout the night,

I love you all without a fright.

United as One we live out of sight.

Seeds are Beautiful…They Grow into Beautiful Things

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