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Dangerous People

Dangerous People
by Robert G Brown
Stardate: Sunday 12.02.2018

Dangerous people will kill you for what you say. Dangerous people will tell that cigarettes cause cancer and profanity are curse words and you shouldn’t talk like that or use those words. Dangerous people act like someone else is doing something wrong, so nobody can see what they are hiding behind their finger pointing accusations. Dangerous people beleieve in locked doors that keep you out and toturous jobs that lead to the graveyard is safe and humane.

Dangerous people think they can hide from God and His kids. GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING. What are you hiding and who are you hiding it from? Why are you afraid to tell on your self? Isn’t your life a proud story? Wasn’t every moment worth living? Is your life story for everyone? Who would you hide it from? Why?

If we don’t trust the people of the world, why do we support and invest in anyone? What do you like about the world? What do want for your life experience? What is missing? What is stopping you? Who is getting in the way? How do we stop dangerous people from limiting our freedom and stop allowing them to hide reality?

If death isn’t real, how do we end the illusion correct the mistake and learn how to solve problems? If thinking death is real is our only mistake, what power do you give death to uphold his illusion? How do we reinvest that power in death’s illusion to end sickness and death? Sickness helps us believe death is real, so we can get sick and die?

Dangerous people want you to believe sickness and death is real to keep you scared and make you be their money power slave. What else is dangerous about dangerous people? Are you a dangerous person too?

Dangerous People

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