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jesus hates nicolaitans

“Why do people become Nicolaitans,” God asked me?

…Because they do not know who the are getting involved with until it is too late.

What is a Nicolautans? Sex with any person? Does it lead to pyschological destruction? Do they destroy all family and friendship values?

Family and friendship are already on the decline in our civilization and everyone senses the end is near, but our new beginning and introduction to the real world sees friendship that protects and upholds individual values as the key to growing and developing strong and caring relationships that reunites us in peace and opens the door to community. A community that knows and supports its citizens as family.

Nicolautans have been using sex to steal our children using psychological drug pusher style attacks to make us think sex with anyone is okay? If it is true, it sounds like glamorously inducing rape upon uneducated and lonely souls that just needed a friend or real mental healthcare. My experience says the common human doesn’t have access to or know enough about the information channels that give good help.

Many kids in our lonely independence society leaves our misguided children vulnerable to mental attacks from any person who chooses to rape and pillage our civilization, while our miseducated parents and adults are unable to help or unaware of the problem and believe it is someone elses job to heal the sick and mentally ill.

A society that believes paying for sex is normal or okay and/or not their problem…allows the psychological death of our children long before the graveyard, unless their rape leads to their murder. Even if they don’t have paid sex or watch porn it transcends onto all our childrens lives adding to the psychological stresses we already endure.

Your daughter could be looking at a shady ad right now to start an acting career or an ad to make money in the porn industry. You son may have purchased a hooker last night. Does having paid sex end your love story or stop you from finding true love…the love your heart knows as your Self? Does supporting porn or ignoring its existence ruin our chilren’s future?

Do Nicolaitans use the porn industry and prostitutes to feed on your children’s psychology to mentally break them down into believing sexual freedom is sex with any person, instead of sex with their lover or spouse that gets better and better with effort and practice by using, supporting, and developing romantic practices?

“Why do people become Nicolaitans,” God asked me?

…Because they do not know who the are getting involved with until it is too late.

Jesus Hates Nicolaitans?

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