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Philosophy: The Science of What Thought Really Is

by Robert G Brown

Sunday 1/22/2017

Philosophy: The Science of What Thought Really Is

Thought is who you are or who you believe your self to be, depending if you see the reality of your self or the illusion of your self. The reality is you are love and you either express this love freely or you call for love because you have lost your way. You are connected to everything in peace and you are eternal. The illusion states you are separate from everything you see, and the world is doing what it will to you until your inevitable death.

Feeling separate and alone, you long for a deeper connection to what is real, but the eternal is real, and everything you see will eventually fade away. The Spirit of God is your only hope and your only reality. The everlasting eternal is your lot and can be found within you at all times. Knowing God sees us all as innocent, overlooking the illusion you place upon the world by the many grievances you transgress against your peers is the only way to forgive what is not really happening.

By bringing all illusion the Holy Spirit for analysis gives you the opportunity to see through illusion and place your awareness upon the peace and love your were Created by. Being an extension of God’s love born of pure spirit the body is merely an illusion made by your ego in order to feel separate from God and worthy of punishment. The return to Heaven sees beyond all illusions where you realize there is really only one illusion…to be separate from God and His Kingdom.

Remembering who you really are gives the Holy Spirit the ability to make correction in your life by helping you forgive the illusion of the finite or destructible. You are God’s child and unconditional love has no conditions, so it cannot punish. God calls you to return to the place you never left…Heaven. Time is our trap, but giving all as much time as they need to realize they are One with God brings our salvation, by giving you the ability to forgive their illusory shortcomings while we play out our dreams that guide us home.

Philosophy: The Science of What Thought Really Is

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