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dominion life's protection

Dominion: Life’s Protection

by Robert G Brown

stardate: Monday 10.22.2018

Updated 11.10.2018

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What is dominion? Any human should should be dead before any fly. That is care for life as dominion. Dominion is life’s protection.

Hatred is the reward, when we tell anyone what to do? We hate others when they tell us what to do? Do they hate themselves when we listen to their orders? …Because it would seem they hate us when we don’t listen. Power over others is misery? How do we think for ourselves, when we are too busy following someone else’s rules? Is our life only a prison? How do we use our prison to save the world? If you could do anything today without limits, what would you chose?

God gave us dominion to protect life, but all I see is a beautiful world that dies over and over again. Peaches cost money? They grow on a tree. Do you have a peach tree? We own land and fight wars. Why?

Guilt, regret, and doubt are weapons in your world to keep you under control. It breeds resentment and places blame on something outside yourself. Our decision is our own and fault is our own, but we blame anything but ourselves. Conflict arises and struggle begins. Pain is the result and pleasure is the escape. Reality is never known and freedom is a word that costs money?

Limited and chained, we fall in love with misery and teach others to do the same. Culture is subdivided into various escapes from society, and family and community fail to see anything but death, as we work ourselves to death while we have fun in the sun once in a while is just the way it is? Civilization finally ends in madness, until the pressure is so great we call for help. Do we call for help, or do we pretend nothing is wrong?

What is too late? Can we change our ways? Can we change anything?

Are you alone? What is friendship? Does anyone really have any friends in this world? What does your gravestone say?

Thank God, He gave us the tools to correct our mistakes and solve the problem. Too bad we had to go to the depths of hell to see the solution. It takes everyone. Do you see that? Maybe you aren’t in hell yet. God is there thankfully. Listen to His Voice. It is a loving Voice that doesn’t fool or manipulate or punish. Can you hear it? The One that Knows You? Don’t be fooled by deception; deception knows what I just told you. Protect your Self by protecting life.

World Family Community is an open source platform that shares ideas freely so you don’t have to be afraid to share or figure out how to sell your ideas, unlocking the limited to become unlimited and free. Our mother planet Earth shares freely and we saw it to gain power over others or overlooked it to ignore the problem, instead of sharing as she does.

What is the problem? There is no authority in God’s Kingdom, then who are your slave masters? Do you help drive slaves to their death? If you do, that would make you a house nigger.

If we are God’s kids and one big happy family, what happened? How do you charge your brothers and sisters for anything? If we shared freely, everyone would have the best stuff.

Rulers of Hell

Dominion protects all life, and leads to eternal life. When we cooperate by the ways of self-responsibility, we ensure our own well being. That doesn’t mean be a slave. Leadership is a servant to all. There is no authority, so no one has authority over us. Eye to eye is the way to strong relationships and friendship grows and develops. Mutual agreement is a tool. Honesty, trust, and loyalty strengthen relationships, when understood.

Support and care for all life. Love thy enemy and reserve judgment for God is a passage in the Holy Bible somewhere. …Because God only knows innocence? (He loves His children unconditionally is how I have been taught.) Love your self as God loves you, and love your neighbor as God loves you is a correction I made to the Holy Bible. Are you okay with that? That’s how freewill leads to freedom, I think.

Self-control and self-discipline help us see ourselves as part of a family that is responsible to the whole. What weapons does our enemy use to keep power and control over us, and keep us limited and afraid? How can we use anger to break chains, instead of point fingers? Jealousy and envy only sees second best in the form of resentment? How do we hurt each other? How do we kill each other? Why do we lie, steal, cheat, rape, murder, and molest?

Conflict divides and conquers. Who has the best treasure in our second best world? The guy at the top is still a slave to the system, because no one is free in a better or worse system. We are all prisoners here.

World Family Community struggles the right way, it fights for eye to eye, instead of the I am better than you, that drives us to hell and the worst possible life of graveyard gravestone, but it clouds our vision, until it is too late.

How will you protect my life today? Have I protected yours?

Food, clothing, and shelter in abundance for all is the correction for the 3rd dimension, with no in-charge (gangster, pimp, whore business tactics masked as ladies and gentleman that are politically correct) leadership, no government, no elites, no better or worse devil contract marriages, no money…World Family Community, asks for your ideas.

Fight to survive, or live as one. Live or die? Your decision is your own.

Who are you teachers, and did they teach to die? If you want something for your self, do you want the best stuff for your self or for all? What does your wish list look like, when there are no limits?

Dominion is life’s protection. What is dominion? Any human should should be dead before any fly. That is care for life as dominion.

The Right Answer: How Freedom and Reality put Sickness and Death Out of Business

Dominion: Life’s Protection

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