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faggot walls

My neighbors in Delran, NJ’s Summerhill governed by at least 27 million psychopath top specimens and their retarded mercenaries or my schizophrenia said they …

Faggot Walls
dominion life's protection

Dominion: Life’s Protection by Robert G Brown stardate: Monday 10.22.2018 Updated 11.10.2018 What’s this, a …digi .doc 5.0? …digi .doc legend – 1.0 Fatherhood/Motherhood/Family …

Dominion: Life’s Protection
healer or killer

That person smokes cocaine, so I am better then them is pompous asshole. I am one reason people smoke cocaine is how you become …

Healer or Killer
world scam alert

World Scam Alert by Robert G Brown stardate: Wednesday 07.04.2018 Shit in the river and move trash around. Can you believe that is the …

World Scam Alert