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god's rest

I Rest In God

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Wednesday 8/5/2015

Lesson 109 ACIM – This is how I translated Lesson 109 from A Course in Miracles. These are my personal thoughts and interpretations for the lesson. ACIM is a great way to help you remember who you are from creation.

I rest in God. I ask for rest and quietness…peace and stillness in the midst of turmoil that seems to be part of my outside world. I ask for safety and happiness within the seemingly dangerous world that surrounds me. Please Answer my request and allow your serenity and tranquility to fill my mind completely.

I rest in God. This thought has the power to bring peace, quiet, stillness…and the safe happiness I seek.

I rest in God. In this simple statement…the light of truth brings serene tranquil peace to everyone and everything in this holy instant. Pain and suffering drift away…eternal peace have saved the day.

I rest in God. I rest in God unshaken by the storms of strife, unmoved by past misery, guilt, and pain…undisturbed by loss or death. I rest in God’s certainty that all problems are solved.

Loving truth wipes away all illusions. Peace has come to replace dreams of hate.

I call all who would like to rest in God with me to come now and rest in the tranquil peace only known by God and His children.

No cares, no concerns, no burdens, no anxiety, no pain, no fear of future or past will enter my mind under God’s protection. God lifts me beyond time so I may rest in His changeless reality.

I accept the Family of God’s healing love and peace with thanks and appreciation. Allow gladness to fill my being. Renew my spirit…let me be reborn in each moment.

I rest in the Oneness of God. I bring peace with the light of truth to the world. Come and rest with me in the peace of God. Be filled with energy restored by the hope, faith, and love of God. Come from far and near and join my God given peace…quiet and unafraid…let us rest in God.

I rest in God. AMENDS

God’s Rest

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