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punishment: how to punish

Punishment: How to Punish

Robert G Brown

Monday 04.25.2019

I think telling someone else what to do is a punishment on us all, and I will pray to learn more about the subject. Civilization becomes subjective in character with everyone telling us what to do? You really don’t know the whole of anybody or know anything about anyone, including your self?

The world is restricted and restrictive. It has laws, conditions, contracts, prisons, limits, and boundaries. We build walls around ourselves beyond the physical ones that keep us separated from the whole cosmos.  It is hard to see because the world’s faith is invested in society and humanity. Humanity uses safety as its trick to send you to the graveyard. You get to live for a while and get old. Society pressures an image rather than teaches us to use life as a vehicle for freedom. Society gives privileges to those that abide by its standards, and punishes those that fall short of its image.

Those that punish are afraid of people. Those that hide are afraid of people. Proud humans are proud of their lives and proud of what they think say and do. Live or die? Life is real. Is death?

My message is valuable. I learn from myself if nobody else does. All are God. All are chosen. Do you choose your Self? Do you do things to mess with people’s lives? Or do you offer value, that if everyone ignores your message, your message helps your self?

God does not kill or punish. So, that is probably why God is changeless indestructible, so God can get us out of this, and because it must hurt God the most as an innocent creator to see us do that.


Punishment: How to Punish

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