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god is dead

God is Dead

by Robert G Brown
Sunday 03.24.2019

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God is dead? Why?

Everyone else is driving you insane…how would God do it to get you back to Heaven?

God against God. This is what it looks like, even if it feels good. The garden of Eden is crack whores and big devil penis buildings in the middle of the city. If you figure out how to shoot explosive orgasms where your knees buckle all day long, by sending people to the graveyard, while raping their souls…is that against God? How would it look to others?

Are you God or better lifestyle, with most not knowing what being as good as God is? Many God teachers think they tell you who God is. God is a life experience. Can words that explain God help? Maybe, but it looks like it is someone else’s job to correct problems and know God for you.

If that is the case you can leave this place and go to Heaven. See ya.

Still here?

I would have went to Heaven being as smart as you.

So now what?

There is an error in thinking here that stops God from letting us in, or is it us that we won’t let us into Heaven because you would rather burn in hell. Isn’t wanting that for someone else that same thing?

You want someone to be guilty then you want to be guilty. Right? If you see everyone as the worst evil doer it is easier to see God’s innocence in them. Something to try I think. We may have a good time for a change too.

Death is my friend because He retired in my life. He is The Holy Spirit now. He teaches me about why people think death is real and how they like to die. It shows me how and why they drag themselves through hell until they get dead. The gravestone says R.I.P., and my friend death and The Holy Spirit say you rest alive in God, not 6 feet under.

It is a different world here, Heaven on Earth. It makes you angry at first, but God’s love travels with you in raw form everywhere to be shared by His Grace. You become the forgotten you…The One God Knows. Are you ready to kill God?

Here you have one advantage…God Almighty. You are here too. Wanting to learn unlocks my God given power named life.

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God is Dead

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