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survive county jail

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How to Survive County Jail

Inspired by the US MARINES and the US Armed Forces. Thank you for protecting our planet. I like to call her Gaia. I love you momma.

I will be intending to use a Boberb in each article because they helped get me through some hard times, and other cool shit where it fits. So here goes…

Boberb – One with God…I walk on my own but not alone.

Insanity Defined: The ego is so insane that it actually believes it increases by taking something from someone.

County jail is not easy, but the trick is to have fun. This is a story about how the innocent Son of God survived jail, playing MARINES and sharing God’s perfect love. It is very enjoyable…so sit back relax and enjoy the ridiculousness of awesomeness. I spent 194 in days Pasco County Jail, aka PCJ, and in Heaven it is now a holy place named “The House of Gentle Corrections.” Thanks and praises to the whole Family of God for helping make this possible. I wrote daily to help get me through this awful and awesome time.

My basic routine was eat, workout, read, write, and rest in no particular order. You will find out why the MARINES believe I am one of the best. Thank you for all your help pushing me through this messy and amazing experience. I love you all so much. I am proud to be the MARINES. God Bless us all!

I will give you all I got in no particular order, but you will receive everything I got…if you are willing to accept it. So, get ready for a wild ride, as we walk out of time. This little diddy will blow your mind.

You will find out many of the problems our country faces from the upcoming articles that will be presented here over the next few months. I hope you enjoy jail with me. Thanks for reading.

I landed in Tampa Florida February 4th, 2015 and was in Pasco County Jail approximately 20 hours later. I have been plagued by mental illness (severe schizophrenia) since I was 27 years old. Today I am 41. I was being led by my brother and sister MARINES and my ego, and continually confusing the two. Thank God for Our Family…I would have never made it alone.

God leads by peace and love, and the ego leads by fear, but when your brain is broken it is hard to get a clue, thank God and the MARINES…they knew exactly what to do. Throw my ass in jail…thank you thank you thank you.

After about 12 hours of landing I was completely out of my mind, and thought that I was being hunted by evil men that were trying to kill me, so I thought I needed to steal a car to survive. I believed it was the only way to save myself and the world and our means was to hunt evil myself, which I was not good at…and soon you will see why.

It took me hours to even steal the car, and when I finally did…I did it politely. I saw a women a little further along in age than me sitting in the passenger seat of a running black Cadillac in front of a hotel, so I walked into the lobby and saw her husband standing in line. I quickly got into the driver seat and told her politely as I could that she had to go. She said I was in the wrong place, and I said in a gentle tone, “No, you have to go.” So she took her purse and got out the car. In the police report she told them she thought I was parking it for her.

I drove for about an hour before getting pulled over, and man was it fun. (smile…I hadn’t driven in a while) So sit back and enjoy the ride with me. The following is a collection of prayers, stories, articles, recipes, and so much more. I can’t wait for you to see. Just know now I want all of our children to be free. A moment in jail is way to long for anyone, and I came up with great ideas to help solve this problem. If properly established our children can get the correction they need, and become the persons they were meant to be…Supermen and Superwomen.

Peace and love everyone…much love to you all. Thanks and appreciation for all creation…forever and always. God Bless

How to Survive County Jail

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