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Stop Litter 3 Pieces a Day

Edited Tuesday 08.06.2019

Inspired by my mom Linda I. Brown. If you know Linda, you know what I mean. I love you mom.

Boberb – God is unchanged by anything I think or do, unless it adds to God’s perfect reality.

It is a shame that there is litter on the ground…at least there is in most places I walk. I shouldn’t have to pick up someone else’s trash, especially when I take care of my own messes. But these are messy times and if all of the clean people of the world just picked up 1 to 3 pieces of trash every time we take a walk it would help our neighborhood and community so much. If 7.5 billion did this everyday, the problem would be fixed in approximately 7 days. You do the math.

And this loving gesture would spread across the planet if we all helped out. God Bless.

Sweet and to the point…I love you momma Gaia (aka planet Earth).


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Stop Litter 3 Pieces a Day

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