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sex war and death

Sex War and Death for Kids

by Robert G Brown

Stardate: Tuesday 7.10.2018

Rape, molestation, deception, lies, murder, theft, and cheating are the legal ways of life unless you caught in today’s world? Appreciation, peace, and love are illegal and pounded to the ground to uphold the false power and prisons built against the human race? What happened that truth is destroyed and life shrouded in illusions that lead us to death is our humanity? Why are we here? And why do wait for someone else to solve the problem and clean up our mess? God gave you everything you need to live eternally, but we fight for power and pretend we are in-charge of others that keep leading us to nothing but sickness and death, conflict and misinterpretation. When do we end the war and live together in peace? When do we accept each other for who we are and heal together?

What is beyond pleasure and pain? What is freedom compared to ownership? What is marriage? Why do we settle for the forbidden in our affairs and hide ourselves from each other and the truth? What is the real mystery of life that dissolves our petty behind the back adventures to free life and see reality? Sharing love life and peace gives our ideas to power to expand forever when we all add to their birth. Why be scared to share them so we can sell them to our brothers and sisters to keep us locked in chains and the prison of nothing? Is a little pleasure worth selling out to the false power of money and control?

Sellout crowd sells themselves short of freedom and happiness to have something for their self, even if they have to lie to world to fuck someone’s wife and destroy their life and family, keep the community hiding in closets. Is sex and lies worth death? Is ownership worth the death of adventure? What happened to caring for another and keeping each others lives safe, so we can celebrate forever? Open honesty ends and opens door are locked, when you hide in lies, so you can get old and die. At least you got some good sex, by lying to your friends and family? Lying, hiding, and deceiving one another destroys life and civilization and causes world war. If you want pleasure over happiness, you already died by escaping reality. Sharing life in the light leads to the eternal happiness we all wish for and pray for, but we sell ourselves out for little somethings to end the reason for life.

Eternal adventure and learning explores God’s mystery, while in-charge know-it-all behavior ends thinking and leaves the world behind, so you can live in a prison that is shrouded in societal norm, and just the way it is humanity, that fights to keep something that is really nothing, instead of sharing everything to live together forever. Open source sharing sees reality. Seamless integration of free sharing ends the abuse of competition that blocks the world from working together in harmony for a few dollars.

Mental illness and insanity is our foundation in today’s thinking and we uphold the belief by trusting it as the real when it is an illusion that leads you to the graveyard. Healthcare, life insurance, and funeral homes do not exist in reality…they only live in sick minds that pretend to know something, when we know nothing at all when death is our investment in any way. Faith is an investment. Do you invest your faith in life or death? …Because only one is real.

Good and evil where the same robe and locks us in the nothing unit, while love extends forever in eternity. Healing is our purpose and our roles and decisions determine our success or failure. You cannot control or be in-charge of someone else, unless you want to end real thinking and hate everyone. Government, money, and in-charge dies by your ability to ask the right questions, and give your ideas freely that lead you back to reality. Fear to share steals and sells ideas. You are already dead in your world, so why not fight for freedom? The one that doesn’t cost money. Become the person you truly are by using your word to free the world and bring peace and happiness. When every person hates you God will always love you. I trust my own word as God’s as His Son. That is my worship and thanks to Him that gave me life. God Said Explained.

Death is my friend not my end. Who is death in your life? Teacher mentor or 6 for hole? Peace and love, freedom and reality is who I am and I fight for you whether you like me or not. My words are yours when you stand with me. Do you stand on your gravestone or on my Momma Gaia…planet Earth?

You are God’s love…give everything and have it all. Teach peace and learn peace. Your conviction sends back to the dirt or home. You are Heaven, and God’s has you in His Arms to depths of hell if need be. You are His Heaven, no matter what anyone tells you. Heal and save the world, or die selling out for a little something? Your decision is you own and your responsibility. What is your example? Are you a problem or a solution today? I love you, so does your planet, so does God…or am I full of shit? How are your brothers and sisters doing today? Do they need your help, and how can save their lives today?

Sex War and Death for Kids

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