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Jinxed: Free Your Self From Bad Luck

Jinxed: Free Your Self From Bad Luck

by Robert G Brown

stardate: Friday: 12.07.2018

Do feel like you are beating your head against the wall at most times? Do think someone or something is always in the way? What if, it is just you getting in the way of your Self?

How many times have you told your Self, you are getting old? How many time have said that will never work? Could this type of communication stop the world from going around? What starts world wars? Against behavior? Who are what are you against? This could be the issues stopping your freedom and your ability to see reality and be free.

Dead in a graveyard says you are getting old. Are you against your Self? Are you your own serial killer? Living a routine lifestyle that has a life insurance policy and a gravestone? At least the funeral home does the digging.

I can’t do that says what? If you tell your Self you can’t, you won’t even try, right? That doesn’t mean you have to do something you don’t want to. Nobody likes peer pressure, but lonely people could fall victim. Could anyone else? I am talking about what you want to do, but say you can’t.

So, who stops you from being free? Your Self?

Now what do we do? Since there is a law for everything that stops you from being hurt, so you don’t have live anymore, you can die now. It sounds funny, but if you are scared to say or do anything, what are you? Not even human?

How else do you get in the way of your Self? Remember anything you are against is a serious issue in your life. …Do you agree?

Against behavior stops freedom and free living and free thinking. These are things you need to advance in our evolutionary course, even if you believe in Creation like I do. We are here to learn, aren’t we?

Live and let live doesn’t mean you have to do what someone else is doing. …But allowing others to be themselves and where they are at in learning and development is important, isn’t it?

Freedom of speech is even dying here. Think about words you are scared of or don’t like to hear. These are words that stop thinking or stop you from seeing the big picture. A word like homosexual may scare you into only thinking about the things that scare you about homosexuality. Then you can’t help solve the problem of homosexuality or even discuss it may be a problem. Maybe it isn’t a problem at all. What do you think about homosexuality?

What words take you away from thinking clearly?

What words scare you? They may be stopping your brain from thinking freely in an aggressive, and competitive society and civilization. If you cant think straight you cannot live right, right? World peace ends aggression and competition?

Once we are ready to share freely again, world peace will be on the way.

What do you think? Am I on to something? What do like thinking about? How do allow everyone to speak their mind without you getting mad or upset? Do you ever wonder how many people kill each other over words and their usage?

Bad luck is over once you remove the blocks that stop you from thinking freely and clearly. You need to ask for forgiveness and share your forgiveness by asking how to forgive mistakes you have made in your life to move beyond the fear and the illusions that trick your mind into believing them as real. Do you think that? Remember, if you are against anything, especially your Self, you can’t breath right in a world like this. …But it can be breathless or breathtaking, when you live right by being happy, while seeking freedom and reality.

What makes you happy? Do you even know what happiness is?

Think; even if no one loves you, God always loves you. How can you love your Self today like God’s loves you? God loves you unconditionally always. Remember that. I love you, even if I can’t stand you right now, or forever. God bless.

Find A Course in Miracles. It is a book.

Jinxed: Free Your Self From Bad Luck

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