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Weapons of Mass Destruction WMD

Weapons of Mass Destruction WMD
by Robert G Brown
stardate: Sunday 12.09.2018

Our mini god pyramid system is the greatest WMD in our history, where everyone is in-charge of someone, and since the average human can’t do much in this world with the amount of money they have on hand and their available resources, they give their soul to their tiny little power position of in-charge. This leaves them impotent and powerless to the masses and gives power, confidence, and control to the top money earners.

This is the full slave ship. No one is free and everyone hates each other no matter how nice you act. The doors are locked, the people are scared, and your worth is based on how much money and stuff you have in your possession. Sounds demonic.

There are too many laws and rules and most of the time, if not all the time, nobody knows why the rules are the rules. People tell you what to do and if you don’t like it, they say that’s the law or the rules, so they can pretend to feel powerful, not because they care or have a clue why they are the laws and the rules. They just want to be your ruler, so you are ruled, powerless, and stupid, but they are too. Most people don’t even see it, while a few brave souls at the top slap you with an iron hand in the name of safety and humanity. Their reward is caviar and a pick of the litter? They will even kidnap, rape, and pillage to get the best stuff and people? That’s more of a personal matter, because we all have a decision to make each moment everyday, while we travel through time and space.

For better or for worse is an an oath to God and eye-to-eye understanding. That is where we are headed to unlock the doors and reenter the Kingdom of Heaven. Our attitude has to change as well as our behavior towrds one another. We honor one another and give our respect to receive the same. The golden rule is a rule we like, but does it work when the world is at odds and against everything, and everyone’s selfish doesn’t include anyone else?

If God is almighy, I am almighty. He gave me everything. Do unto others as you would do unto your Self. I said it; I did it…is proud. If you hate your self, how can you succeed, and how will you treat others? If you hide your self, who will ever know you?

If God is almigty, I am almighty. He gave me everything.

How would an enemy use our greatest works against us? Think of your favorite teachers, books, music, movies, class subjects, and anything else you love or loved like children or puppies? How would an enemy use the Holy Bible against you? How about football? How would an enemy use football against you?

If the only sin is believing death is real, how are you going to die today or how will you live? God’s kids seek eternal life. The devil’s kids find the graveyard.

Other Weapons of Mass Desruction WMDs:



    Promiscuous Sex (sex with any person)

    Public School (they are run like jails)



    Mental Institutions



    Big Business




Know any others? And can you see how enemies to life use the above as WMDs?

Weapons of Mass Destruction WMD

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