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laugh at the ego

You can laugh at the ego, but when your loved ones or anyone is invested in it, it hurts. They are headed to the graveyard, and think sickness and death are real. They believe “in-charge, tell you what to do” is okay, or “just the way it is,” or are too stubborn to see resolution and think lying, stealing, cheating, killing, and the like are real, and teach others the same. Teach you do.


It is comical to see how silly the investment in the ego is when you see beyond sickness and death. When you see beyond government, conflict, and money you see the problem and think of ideas for resolution, but freewill and decision give you the power to take many life times, or as much time as you need, to realize it. Luckily, I live here too. I like to learn. Give to receive is a simple system.

Death recycles?

Life extends and expands?

No question? They both teach.

Hell is still here and it hurts and it kills. Heaven and hell walk as one until the end of time, or until the of end (I forgot this word “end” and a friend made sure it was added. I was that friend.) hell, or forever. Any other possibilities?

Good morning. I love you. What, too scared to come over here? Two, two too many?

I need clear answers, so I feel okay? Period. You act like I am treating you stupid? 2+2=-4?

I am learning. What did I say? I like question mark. Contact

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A Course in Miracles Review

Laugh at the Ego

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