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Neighborhood Responsibility

by Robert G Brown


Our children are the number 1 priority in our neighborhood. Making sure they are safe and secure is an important responsibility. We can not afford to allow anything to stand in the way of being able to protect our kids. I myself get out of hand when I drink alcohol irresponsibly, and forget the importance of the simple truths that make our neighborhood so special. It is the family values and principles that matter most, and our children come first. The neighborhood is a family and the more we learn, accept, and understand our family the safer our children will be.

This can be as simple as talking about an unfamiliar face or car, or simply greeting a newcomer just moving in to their new house with love and allowing them to know what we expect as a neighborhood family. The instantly builds trust an give us a chance to feel out our new neighbor, and help them understand the importance of our family values.

We don’t allow anyone to harm or hurt our children. We lead by example through acceptance and understanding. There is a passage in the Bible that states that we are sent out as sheep among wolves. Be as harmless as a dove but as cunning as a snake. Our children mean the world to us, so don’t you dare try to harm them ever. From this simple truth we can learn from one another in hope, faith, and love so we may implement simple solutions to common fears the involve our children’s well being.

Being prepared for the worst gives us the ability to concentrate on the things that matter most. Loving one another gives us the help we need to take care of all situations, and teamwork makes it easy to stay on top of our children’s safety. I hope we can work together in our neighborhoods to keep our children out of harms way, by simply paying attention to everything that is going on for better or for worse. I personally am willing to do my part to help out. God Bless and thank you for taking the time to read this important message.

Neighborhood Responsibility

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