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salted roasteds

Salted Roasteds

by Robert G Brown


Salted roasteds are a flavor like no other,

What do you have say to your silly little brother,

Time has come, change is near,

I am the man who lives in fear,

It is yours? Is it mine?

Can anyone of us, tell the time,

Flowers rising, stars so bright,

I could use a ride tonight,

The adventure begins,

Invested in sins,

Innocence certain, time will tell,

I AM Heaven, stop living in hell,

Let us go this day, is what I pray,

Tomorrow the future, now is right,

If you want to fly, I’m a kite,

Today is fresh, but always blessed,

I love you home, but where do I roam?

It’s tough giving back, when all is free,

Confess your love and he will always be.

Salted Roasteds

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