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Guitar Genius Heats the Pussycat

by Robert G Brown

April Fools 2016

Thank you for joining the only team known to human beings as the love in need. Unconditional love has been left behind, but spit your shit and know God is watching. Love is so important to life we live, lead, and express. I give all away, because God’s love is unlimited. You are my sheppard, and savior, as I journey home.

Yes, Heaven is all around us, because we are Heaven, but somehow we missed the point. So, I have come to share the love we all need, you just never saw me coming. Leave your past in the dust as “right now” invites to join the celebration we all need and is always available, once we put our faith exactly where it belongs…in God. We are a part, and that is why we are everything. That’s what God told me anyway.

Guitar Genius Heats the Pussycat

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