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sickness and death out of business

Sickness and Death Out of Business

Robert G Brown

Thursday 04.18.2019

Once you and everybody else is done investing in sickness and death, sickness and death is out of business. It is that simple here. Freewill gives your decision power, but life gives your decision life, and your example can be contagious. Each one of us has as much time as we need to see God’s kingdom is unlimited and free, and our perception and lifestyle smalls the children of God, the children of existence, the children of creation, the children of evolution. Sickness and death make survival of the fittest possible. Life leaps beyond sickness and death to unlimited resources open source free share of ideas via freedom and reality to build and create forever eternally. The body has the ability to be eternal as the spirit is always and forever. This is our test to learn together to overcome communication barriers and fear blocks.

Where are you in your studies of life? Do you have a life insurance policy to help with the burden of your death on your family? Don’t die then.

Sickness and Death is Out of Business

Sickness and death is out of business as soon as our collective investment worldwide re-invests its willingness in eternal life with 3rd dimension physical reality knowing food clothing shelter and medicine in abundance until healing is accomplished is the correction to sickness and death, as the illusion of more or less and beginnings and endings reveals problem solving creativity to find and apply solutions to personal problems and mistakes, while broadening your vision to solve bigger problems, even world issues. The body is not guilty. It has the power to help uphold the illusion of the flesh as a prison with no escape, while the spirit is free and without boundaries. To not have both perceptions available gives our flesh power to believe sickness and death are real. Spirit sees not a body but holy light as many have described in writings around the world.

Don’t be afraid of life. Death is not or friend, when you release your Self from death? I think so, by the power of my own life experience, but life becomes difficult when you see others hanging on to sickness and death as real, because they are afraid to believe they are forgiven in God’s eyes, so many humans think they should be punished or feel guilty within God’s innocence, not seeing His innocence forgives us all. The pain and suffering belongs to those afraid to forgive their true Selves, but the healers and the innocent bear the burden, so their light can be seen compressing time, while those afraid to stop punishing themselves or feel small or worthless or to end the thinking that allows guilt and doubt to overrun life and drive people like yourself back to the graveyard as okay, instead of detrimental to the health of all, and leaves Heaven lonely, because when any one of God’s children are lost in the darkness of sickness and death, we all feel the pain of their fear to be free and eternal.

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Sickness and Death Out of Business

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