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way out of prison

The Way Out of Prison

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – 6/28/2015

Most people in jail think it’s the physical door, once opened, leads you to freedom. This is partly true, but it is also temporary, if the following information is not understood. Now I give you the keys to the metaphorical prison that makes the physical prison disappear from your mind forever, so your body is never locked up again.

My good friend Dion AKA The 5th always said sharing is caring, and I finally realize what he means; it is the way out of prison and jail and the way to stay out, by sharing love with others. This helps heal them and yourself. As your mind strengthens and builds appreciation in love, you want to share more love, because you see how beautiful and powerful love really is.

As you gain momentum, you discover how to become a useful and important part of your family, by lending a helping hand to anyone in need or by sharing your ideas with the world to make it a better place, you become a the person you were always meant to be and you become very rich in life. The best place to start is right here. Why waste anymore time?

Question of the Day – Holy Spirit what is the right perception of the body? Is it healthy happy in love?

Dear God,

You are love, and I want you in my life. Please keep me in the light of truth always. I accept your love. I will to share your love always. My will is yours. To the people of the world, because I will to know myself, I see you as God’s Child and as my self. Thank you God for new understanding each day. In love AMEN.

The Way Out of Prison

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