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Original Draft – Wednesday 7/8/2015

Personally, I am a sensitive spiritual being. For instance, when others are afraid in my general vicinity; I feel their fear like it is my own. My ego uses this sensitivity to its advantage to keep my mind in conflict and separated from God. You must remember, you made your ego at a point in your life when you felt alone, scared, and forgot your connection to God. So your ego knows you very well, and it knows the only way it can keep its control over your mind is to keep you out of control of your mind. Its goal is to drive you insane.

You are not your ego, but your ego does everything in its power to either make you believe that the ego is you, or make you think the ego is God. Both ways of thinking will drive you completely insane by hiding the truth. This will lead you to death or trap you in a mind-made hell.

The mind being created by God is an unlimited creative power. The mind is everything you see and beyond. It is literally its own universe. Luckily, God created you within His Mind, so you are completely protected and safe, once you fully realize this fact.

Unfortunately, we all fell asleep and dreamed we were alone and naturally made the ego to keep us company, but we didn’t realize we were going to make the ego hate us. Because the ego was made from fear it was not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven in its current configuration. So, feeling unworthy the ego began plotting against us to try to make us unworthy too.

It’s a good thing Our Father and Mother in Heaven loves us unconditionally with Their perfect love, because we would not of made it this far otherwise. For Them, Heaven without you or me is incomplete, and that is unacceptable to any loving parent. If you take a close look at Genesis in the Holy Bible, you will realize Adam and Eve are talking to their ego when they think they are talking to God in the Garden of Eden after they ate the fruit.

Once God realized their children were separated from God’s Mind, the Holy Spirit was created to re-establish communication. What is cool about Eternity, when something is created and accepted in Eternity it is like it always existed forever, because that is what Eternity means…Everything Always.

That means the instant the Holy Spirit was created for our salvation we were all saved, now we just have to realize it. Time is catching up with Eternity, but in the grand scheme of things a million years of time go by in the blink of an eye in Eternity.

“Wake Up and Live” sings Bob Marley…don’t allow the ego to deceive you anymore. While the Holy Spirit empowers you to feel awesome and does not force a thing…the ego attacks, confuses, causes pain and suffering, keeps your mind in conflict, makes you believe you are worthless, and eventually kills you or makes you believe you are in hell. The Holy Spirit loves you in peace and suggests strategies to help you see beyond the ego.

The Holy Spirit waits patiently until you are ready to accept the love that is yours as God gave it to you. He cannot do more because it would violate freewill. You still need to be careful and on top of your game, because the ego will use God’s knowledge against you. God is always the loving peaceful voice that offers assistance every step of the way; you just have to accept His help.

Don’t avoid fear. We must use fear as a learning device, so when we are fearful learning is interesting and fun. Remember God is with us always. When we avoid fear, we avoid learning, and we lose out on valuable information, understanding, and wisdom, that leads to a brighter more powerful intellect, and re-establishes our connection with God.

Facing our fears releases us from their grasp, and we see many have experienced life and have been traumatized in similar ways. Walking in faith, knowing we are here to heal each through forgiveness gives us the strength and confidence to succeed each moment even under extreme stress. God bless and good luck on your journey home.

Understanding Ego-Body Impulses

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