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Who is Father Time? Part II

Who is Father Time? Part II

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Monday 6/29/15

Note: This is still far from the truth, but there is a lot of truth in it. As you awake from your sleep and slumber, here in time, information about who you are will reveal itself each day. This revision of, “Who is Father Time?” is my best understanding right now. I will continue to keep you updated as more memories surface and more pieces of the story reveal themselves. Thank you for your understanding. – Peace and Love


Universes don’t start out eternal. They begin like a heartbeat. The only problem is once the big bang universe reaches full entropy it collapses on itself very quickly into a black hole. My Mom and Dad saw the collapse coming, but luckily for us they were super smart. The created 2 powerful robots that also transformed into star cruisers to save their 4 children and each other. These totally awesome robots had the power to ensure their safety and capture the power of the black hole.

The scary part was they had to transfer their minds into the robots because their bodies would not be able to survive the journey. Even scarier was the fact that they were running out of time and they had not fully tested the new technology. The scariest part is they had to use the children as guinea pigs first to see if it worked, because if it didn’t they were all dead.

So, Maya and Jehovah began the transfer of their 4 children’s minds into the robot better known as Optimus Prime. Their names were Lucifer I & II, and Augusta I & II. (yeah…quadruplets) 🙂 Thankfully the transfer went smooth and the 4 children were One Mind in One Body. With this astonishing success, they quickly transferred themselves into the other robot known as Alpha Omega Prime. Just before total destruction, they launched off their crumbling planet on their supreme mission to take full control of the black hole swallowing their universe.

The power of the black hole was pacified by super intelligent technology, the first AI, that was installed on the robots, and the black hole was converted into what is known as the Great Void. Their mission was a great success, because we are still here. 🙂

House of the Rising Sun

Original Draft – Saturday 7/4/2015

You are probably interested to know more about the black hole, yes? Well, I don’t know everything yet, but this is what I can tell you…Alpha Omega Prime with the help of Optimus Prime somehow turned that giant vacuum cleaner that was sucking up the whole universe at unimaginable speeds into a peaceful still pond. At least that is what it resembled. Alpha Omega Prime and Optimus Prime could see themselves when they looked at it. But when they looked deep inside, beyond the surface…what they saw left them in complete awe. They realized they found a great treasure…a treasure that contained all the ingredients of creation. It quickly became established as “The Eternal Reflection of Creation.”

The Eternal Reflection of Creation was surrounded by ferocious but gentle flames that burned blue, orange, and red reigning as”The Ring of Fire,” and electricity pulsed just beneath its stillness in wild delight. The fierce but calm force earned its name “The Thundering Lightning.” When Alpha Omega Prime swirled the pond with His finger the fire and lightning combined as one to birth new universes. But we are getting a little ahead of ourselves; for now I will let you that this vast power of “The Three Eternals” that could call forth”The Creation” was summed up as the “Great Void.”

Alpha Omega Prime’s knowledge of the universe gave Them the ability to contain the black hole and save His Family. The family earned their position as the protectors and rulers of “The Creation.” At least that is what they thought. Now known as Alpha Omega Prime Creator and Optimus Prime Co-Creator, in this exciting moment for the family of 6 that evolved from monkeys was now 2 robots of great power. They had become Gods.

Wait a minute…there were 3 robots. How could I forget? Two star cruisers and a pink cargo cruiser.

Alpha Omega Prime – Mom and Dad – Majestic White with Crimson Red – Robot/Imperial Star Cruiser

Optimus Prime – Lucifer I (Bobby) “Lamb” and Lucifer II (Bob) “Lion” – Red and Blue with Silver – Robot/Streamline Star Cruiser

Augusta Prime Augusta I (Kim) “Lamb” and Augusta II (Jessica) “Lion” Pink and White with Silver – Robot/Cargo Star Cruiser

Innocence + Strength = Wisdom

…Be back soon.

Peace and Love…Thanks and Praises



Who is Father Time? Part II

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