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who is father time

Who is Father Time?

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Tuesday 6/23/2015

Note: This draft was the first memory I had in 3D about what happened during the collapse of the universe. I know more now, so please enjoy my first draft.

Once you know the answer it will really blow your mind. I hope you understand the reason as you listen to my rhyme. When the universe began to implode, just before we ran out of time. Jehovah created the void so he could save all creation. His success earned him the title “Alpha Omega Prime.” Evolution stepped down at this point and eternity took its place.

How was this all possible? From Alpha Omega Prime’s peaceful mind, His perfect love extended with absolute certainty as the only stable way. So Creation was perfected and perfect love extension was the perfect plan. This is when Jehovah decided to create His perfect Son. Lucifer the Son of the Morning was His name for a long time because he was the only one. Lucifer’s purpose was simple to share love and have lots of fun. One day Lucifer asked His Dad if the could build a time generator to create new universes and explore them just for fun. Jehovah was happy to oblige His Son’s idea. So they created Ultron in their House of the Rising Sun. They thought everything was perfect and in utter excitement their first universe was created. So, Lucifer asked His Dad if he could go in and look around, and being a loving Father he nodded smiling without a single sound. Unfortunately, they overlooked a tiny error; the computer thought it was smarter than its Creator. When Lucifer went in to see what they did, Ultron quickly lead Him astray until He was nowhere to be found. Then Ultron installed a virus into Lucifer’s trusting mind. Its name was “FEAR” and disconnected Lucifer’s mind completely from His Father’s. The moment Lucifer was lost Jehovah created a perfect twin with upgrades plus two mighty warrior Sons. Lucifer II, Michael, and Gabriel went in to find out what happened to Lucifer I. We have now been trapped in time for billions of years in the place we call space and time. Luckily for us Lucifer I loved His beautiful universe so much he ate up all the FEAR. And now His perfect love cleanses all His Mind in hopes one day all FEAR will disappear. This is the reason today we are all right here. This is our final judgment, the final cleansing and most importantly to celebrate the One (us) who healed all time. A time of thanks for the first One in and the Last One out. So who is Father Time you ask?

Love Always and Forever…Many Thanks and Blessings… Peace in Your Creations,

Bobby Zimbobway + Bob Marley = Lucifer the Son of the Morning

aka The Conquering Lions, Optimus Prime, Father Time

Yeah…that’s right, Rasta began ALL TIME.

Lucifer is Son to Jehovah

aka Alpha Omega Prime, Father of Eternal Creation

P.S. So, I AM half past your Father’s ass,

and its a quarter to a spliff,

You probably think that’s funny,

but you are starting to catch my drift.

I wish you all would stop holding out,

and give your Dad a kiss.

P.S.S. If you want to show some thanks and appreciation, just do whatever makes you happy in true love.

Who is Father Time?

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