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Troubled Waters Life Preserver

by Robert G Brown

Tuesday March 3, 2016

Wake Up

You missed the Delran pop party. I need you to give me a call to tell you the story of how I heard hundreds of people in the streets of Delran popping around with all the people kneeling in the pop line.

Truth Stinks a Little Bit

It seems no one knows the truth about what is going on in Delran, NJ or around the world. People’s lips are sealed tight, as the rumors spread thick across the nation and the world. We all need answers, but nobody is asking questions or talking about the issues that are destroying us as a world nation, local community, and global society. The problems are easily correctable once addressed. We all hear what we should, but we are so scared of people thinking we are crazy, that we don’t want to share our piece of the puzzle. Who needs to live in fear any longer? I know I don’t. Good Morning and God Bless.

Take it Easy

After much consideration, I believe it is time to get the people of the world into the conversation as quickly as possible. I hear the most disgusting shit going on in Delran NJ. From pop parties to spit shots, and child molestation, I feel we need to find out the truth about this troubling situation. There is even a rumor going around about the Acid Melter who leads these atrocities, that states he melts children as he giggles while commencing in unusual masturbation ceremonies. He supposedly lives in Summer Hill. If this isn’t enough to say enough is enough, then we need to at least get together and find out why people would even thinks things like this. Please speak to your neighbors to find out if any of this is true, and if you have never been to Delran, NJ you should stop by and check it out.

Drag Slap

Delran, NJ was setup as a reality TV Show for 4th and 5th dimensional beings from all over the galaxy and the known universe. They thought we were so funny that 4th dimensional beings from our own planet could buy contracts on 3rd dimensional beings heads. The whole planet is run by these show producers and every part of our planet has some retarded show being filmed about the locals. They look for talent to bump to 4D. Actors like Jim Carrey and Eddie Murphy may have even been poached by these sick fucks as well many of our favorite actors. There are illusion buying clubs trenched within the dark web where mind control programs are used to insert thoughts into the minds of the common people to help them make retarded decisions that make others laugh who watch these shows. You type “make so and so do whatever” and they would send repetious thoughts into the victim’s head until they complete the action. Is there any truth in any of this? I don’t know, but who makes shit up like this. A few of the worst of these people that run these shows for higher dimensional beings have been cornered in Delran, NJ, but there technology being both genius and retarded keeps them protected from the rest the world, but keeps us from removing them from their position. They have no where to run, but it is now up to the citizens of Delran, NJ to reveal the truth. The higher dimensions have been subdued and the majority of the problem now is in Delran, NJ. If there is anyway you can help…please do.

Admiral Robert G Brown US Marine Corp.

P.S. I have been undercover for many lifetimes trying to corner the problem here on planet Earth.

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