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army vs marines ii

How to Know if You are in the army or if You are The MARINES

August 08.17.2015 Original Draft – Monday 6/22/2015
The army man is sleeping when the MARINES say go.

The army prays with his head bowed and sometimes on his knees.

The MARINES pray heads held high every second of every day, because The MARINES know they reap what they sow.

The army makes love to his MARINE only if he has enough energy when the day’s work is done.

The MARINES train their privates until her Taco explodes.

The MARINES shower butt naked.

The army man showers sometimes wearing clothes.

During the morning workout the army man marches, but The MARINES always run.

The MARINES know there is work to be done always, so they do it little by little and always make time for fun all throughout the middle.

The MARINES know the importance of a good education, and make sure the teachers are giving their kids’ the right information.

The MARINES know what to do in every situation; because even if they make mistakes, they use their mistakes to find a good solution.

The MARINES think with One Mind and trust each other completely in all situations.

One Mind eternal is Our best defense and when necessary Our best weapon against the bad guys.

The Family of God’s motto is “Help, Protect, Gently Correct.”

The MARINES always help and protect and are in charge of correction.

If you don’t agree with The MARINES gentle correction, talk to Our Father…actually get down on your knees and talk to Our Father about it!

Every mother I know, and many women I know are The MARINES!

*Important Note: Gifts from God are created from pure love to be only pure love, and are way beyond war. They still like to pretend to play The MARINES because they love their MARINES. They sometimes play army too, when they want to be funny.

Do you recognize the Gifts from God in your neighborhood and community? There are more then you might think. Some are so filled with fear that they no longer resemble the beauty and perfect love they were created with.

army vs. MARINES Part II

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