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boberbs today

Boberbs Today

by Robert G Brown

2/13/2016 – Original Drafts Roughly 5/14/2015

God only creates the eternal. The eternal is unlimited and indestructible. Anything that is not eternal is an illusion of the mind. The body…being a temporary learning device is not eternal, and therefore not God’s creation. The body belongs to The Creation which if far greater than God.

If you cannot destroy anything created by God, there is no reason to attack, assault, or fear anyone. Believing death or destruction is real is insane in the Mind of God.

The Virtue of Patience – We need to give all that need time, all the time they need.

Son: I finally did something good Dad.

Dad: It was only a matter of time.

God is always working in unseen ways. You can see it, if you just take the time to pay attention. And when you are ready you can help out…and when you are not ready you can trust God will handle it. This helps relieve pressure and stress. You can even be level 0 and still help out, as long as you are headed in the right direction. You can even take a few steps back as long as you keep looking forward. Remember, God trusts you and loves you.

The seen and the unseen Inspires everything I do. So, here is a great big thanks to you.

We all serve God by helping each other out of time.

A woman’s smile is more precious than a man’s, but a man’s tears are more meaningful than a woman’s.

- Nicholas Allen Dekeyser

Trust and Faith in God

You may think you are qualified to help a certain situation, but once you try to correct the error, you realize you are not qualified. Gently remove yourself from the situation and give it to God. If you recognize this and act accordingly, it will actually have a beneficial affect, and show great humility. Just because you are One with God doesn’t mean you have to do all the work.

There is work to be done, so let’s do it a little by little.

- Bob Marley

Good Thought Fear

Good thought fear during the healing process happens because you don’t want to hurt anyone else or open old wounds. Let it happen and pass quickly. Don’t hold on to it. It is a natural occurrence, especially when you have a lot of guilt you are working through. Recognize it to release it.

Quick Thought – I had to go to jail to find out…I am not who I thought I was.

Son: I have a lot of my Mom in me, and don’t take that the wrong way Jim. She likes to hold on tight, and pretend she doesn’t like roller coasters. I hope you enjoyed the ride Mom. I know it was pretty scary at times.

Mom: It’s not over yet.

Son: Your right…it’s not over yet, but I hope the rest is more like that ride at Disney World, “It’s a Small World After All,” but I know you like “The Pirates of the Caribbean” too. So let me know if you need anything. If I can’t accommodate, I am sure Our Family can.

Peace in your neighborhood.

Boberbs Today

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