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Discipline Calling students. Discipline is a sense of your Self. Who are you at peace? Who are you at war, until you heal? Who …


Acceptance by Robert G Brown Wednesday 8/24/2016 All of God’s gifts are unlimited and free. Unselfish He expects us to share His unlimited gifts. …


Vulnerable a word that does not come with ease, Well at least in world programmed to tease, A heart left open, faith does it …

boberbs today

Boberbs Today by Robert G Brown 2/13/2016 – Original Drafts Roughly 5/14/2015 God only creates the eternal. The eternal is unlimited and indestructible. Anything …

Boberbs Today
faith and love

Faith and Love by Robert G Brown Original Draft -Friday 7/31/2015 *Inspired by Jim Carey’s graduation speech. Why do we ask for freedom, only …

Faith and Love