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Dear You

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft 6/16/2015

Dear You,

How are you today? Take a look around, this is Our Mind. God created us as One. God does not see parts of creation, He sees all of creation as One. One Mind eternal is our being. He did not create us apart from Him. He created us with Him in love for always and forever.

So, let us look upon Our Mind. When you see sickness in anyone then your mind is sick. Your mind is Our Mind. When see anyone doing something wrong, then your mind needs correction. Your mind is Our Mind. If you see anyone stressed out, then yours desperately needs peace. Your mind is Our Mind. If you see anyone in pain then your mind needs love. Your mind is Our Mind.

Are you starting to see the connection here?

When judge another…you judge yourself. When you attack another…you attack yourself. When you punish another…you punish yourself. When you torture another…you torture yourself. When you condemn another…you condemn yourself. What you do to yourself…you do to Christ. What you do to Christ…you do to God. What you do to God you do to all.

Here lies the importance of God’s “Two Greatest Commandments,” according to Jesus Christ. They are the love commandments.

#1 Love your God unconditionally with all your strength, all your heart, and all your mind.

#2 Love everyone with God’s perfect love. Everyone includes You.

You cannot remember you are co-creator with God, until you remember you are co-creator with everyone. All moments are collective co-creation…even your current perception with others. You wont’ see your creations until your mind is reconnected in love with all. Each moment is an opportunity to learn the Holy Spirit’s right perception by learning and teaching His lessons. Share joy to receive joy. The joy of all is your joy.

As you awaken the light in others…you awaken the light in yourself. All joy is your joy…for everything is One. This realization is salvation.

You are my friend and my brother too. What would Heaven be without you? That’s why you will be my friend always together until the end. When Time’s up eternity continues. I can’t wait until you see the menu. The music is forever and the party never stops. To the Family of God…I give you mad props.



P.S. Hi Mr. Deeds…I love your cards. Did you ever read A Course in Miracles?

A Course in Miracles

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Dear You

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