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Say Grace

by Robert G Brown

Note: Blessing your food is a gesture of love to all Creation. It helps bring love to your body and everyone you share your food with. And in the current moment much of our food needs healing, so your blessing helps heal your food too. The most amazing part of saying Grace before and while you eat is the simple fact that it joins you with your food as One. Beautiful isn’t it?

The following of prayer of Grace is one I enjoy and has a lot of power.

Dear God,

Thank you for bringing us together as the Family of God in fellowship. Let us remember that we are your perfect creations…created in peace by your perfect unconditional love. Help us understand that you do not punish your children, because you cannot punish perfection. As we awake from our illusion..help us awaken as many of our Family as possible. Today with celebrate in appreciation for all creation. Please bless our food in the ways you know best. Allow us to become One together in knowing you have provided everything always for our benefit. In peace and love we pray in the name of Christ, by the connection of the Holy Spirit, and the power of the Motherhood and Fatherhood of God. AMEN

Say Grace

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