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See You Soon

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – 5/11/2015

Inspired by the fellas over at PCJ. Thanks for a fun time, even though you are a bunch of dumbasses. …Much love and blessings of peace.

I am a messenger from God,

Some call me a prophet,

I do this for love,

So love is my profit,

I love life and love it more,

And that’s why I am ready,

To walk out the door,

Don’t think I won’t miss you,

I love everything you taught me,

You opened up my heart,

So I can walk with a smile,

And share God’s perfect love freely,

So blessings to you all,

I will love you forever…and I,

Can’t wait to see you at the party,

It starts when we all get there,

So take your time,

Because Our Family is patient,

We wish you well and never expect payment,

We want you to be free,

So we can celebrate together,

In any type of weather,

But please just remember,

We are walking with you,

Until you correct every error,

The Kingdom of Heaven doesn’t feel any pressure,

So enjoy yourself,

Because your love is our wealth,

The Family of God loves you!

Thank You.

See You Soon

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