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My Savior Your Savior

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – 3/2/2015

His way and his words are gentle and kind,

His eyes are patient and understanding,

His ears are attentive and acceptant,

He gives to those in need,

And forgives those who fell guilty,

He is wise in his assessments,

And creative with his purpose,

His love is unconditional,

And he brings peace to those who are open to his message,

He suffered for the sake of humanity,

That we might see the Kingdom of Heaven,

And enter the gates with thanks and praises for the most high,

This my lord and savior,

And he is called Immanuel,

May one event of my life touch his heart before I pass,

So I may share in his glory,

Even though I am not worthy,

Thank you Lord,


My Savior Your Savior

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