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perfection perfected

Perfection is Perfected

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Thursday 6/11/2015

Lay down your weapons…set your prisoners free.

Peace and love is all we were meant to be.

Forget your attack…see beyond the veil of fear.

Your spirit waits in Heaven and the Family of God wishes you were here.

The war is finally over, because it never really began.

God saw you trapped inside a nightmare, and devised the perfect plan.

He created the Holy Spirit, and sent Him to gently wake you.

He came to help you remember what you always knew.

You are God’s perfect creation and without you Heaven is incomplete.

We all wait patiently for you to awaken from your sleep.

God’s Will is perfect love, so let His Will be done.

United we stand together, and together we live as One.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Ours, because the Kingdom of Heaven is what we are.

God’s Kingdom is His One and only Love.

That’s why your salvation, became His One and only Plan.

Now perfection is perfected, and you finally understand.

God Bless with peace and love.

Perfection is Perfected

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