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Hello World

by Robert G Brown and contributing members of The Family of God


“Good morning and hello in love,” says the wiseman to his world.

What a blessed day we have in front of us?

“Was that a statement or a question,” asks the Tree?

I thought a question was a statement, am I wrong?

“No, you are right,”speaks the Tree in its love.

I heard the pebbles have a story to tell.

“They always do, but the human beings aren’t listening,” says a Pebble.

Why won’t they listen to your beautiful stories?

“We are not sure,” says the Green Grass.

Don’t they know that Jesus is home?

“I guess not, or maybe they are just stuck in their stagnant ways,” says the Earthworms.

What ways do you speak of?

“They seem to think they are better than everyone else, and won’t even answer God’s call to love,” says the Rabbit.

Well, this will just not do…does anyone have any suggestions?

“The children think your right. That they should be in charge for a while, until their parents figure out how to Atone for their mistakes and shortcomings, but the parents won’t listen to them either,” says the Sunshine.

We have a wonderful opportunity here to heal and repair. I do hope the people of the world embrace the opportunity they have before them…to a full healing and make their way to the Kingdom of Heaven. We all need each others’ help on a journey like this.

Well have a nice day kids…with love you are always in my heart.

“We love you too, Jesus!” says the World.

Hello World

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