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new dawn

New Dawn

by Robert G Brown


The world is shattered, but the new dawn is here. As you willing to shape your life to fit nature’s mold? Death is a protection to help us understand its illusion. Your fear has become the governor of your life, and you drown in doubt lead by guilt and regret.

Why follow the path of self-destruction, when family worldwide in love is the solution to all of our problems? What do you need to give unconditional love again? The first and most fundamental principle of nature has been overlooked, but shines in your face daily, if you will just look.

Family first love is the principle I speak of…and exactly what we all need to succeed in these trying times. Insanity and confusion are destroying this principle, and giving unconditional love to everything combats this deceptive sickness. Just remember everything is our family and our responsibility…from the largest universe to the smallest atom.

This may not make sense right now, but once you accept and embrace the current situation in love…life begins to improve. You should be ashamed of yourselves; you should feel anguish and dispair in the present moment…but that helps you build faith within the unknown gift of love. It is not that you don’t have love, but you are still afraid to give it.

The love principle of nature “you give to receive” and God’s law has become a foreign way of life, but it is the only worthwhile mission to bring the world peace that so many of us speak of. The unconditional love of God is unlimited, and since it is misunderstood by so many of us, we need to put it to use by testing it.

How do we test the love principle?

One good way is to say “hello” to everything you see around us with genuine kindness, and see how you feel. This is my challenge to you, and I hope you will share your results. Have a beautiful and blessed day in love.

Jesus Christ

New Dawn

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