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pyramid garden

How to Use Our Land

by Robert G Brown

Monday 9/21/2015
Updated 10.10.2018

*Dedicated to my mom on her birthday. I love you mom.

Our land…the land beneath our feet was created from pure love for our protection. A place to live free and give us everything we need. A place to rest our head when the day’s work is done. A place of peace where we could share love with one another in gentle kindness. Her name is Gaia and she needs our help.

Now is not the time to discuss how disgusting we have become as a people. Instead let us talk about how we can make a few gentle corrections to make things better. Like how we shit in the river and move trash around?

Instead let’s say, in suburbia everyone that owns or rents a home usually has a small piece of fertile land to grow a beautiful garden to help supply the family’s food for the year. Fresh produce should be the number one staple in our diet. In the United States we have become a meat and potato society, and we miss out on all the vital nutrients our bodies crave. These are simple treasures that can increase the quality of life to unfathomable limits.

canning our land

Canning and jarring is a great way to get through the winter months, so you don’t have to waste any excess. The process is simple and fun. It’s an awesome way to spend time with your children learning an important life lesson about life extension, joyful living, and thinking of peaceful solutions to serious problems. A good diet helps when you need the extra energy we all lack these days.

The following is one article I found on how to can, but don’t just read one…read a few and see how methods compare. This will increase your knowledge and may give you some new ideas as well.


pyramid garden

Small indoor gardens help as well, even if it is just a few fresh herbs in the window sill. Cooped up in the house all winter is boring and can be depressing. What a great little hobby an indoor garden would be? There are plenty of cost effective methods to grow in small spaces.

Check out this method for growing in a tight spot…it is really amazing.


rain barrel

Ideas are endless when we think with life in mind rather than death. Gaia so craves many of the things we would just throw in the trash. A small composting box is fun and can also be attractive if done with care and creativity. Earthworms would love to turn your so called trash into perfect sterile organic fertilizer. What about a trash can that catches rain water so you have extra when the rain doesn’t come around much. Look at this simple low cost water conservation device. Just know the following site does not give credit to my knowledge to the article’s origination. When I was at the US Botanical Garden in Washington, DC recently, I noticed the article was written by another author and credit should be given with thanks. I believe her name was Dawn Brown. I apologize for not remembering the website of the original article. Maybe one of our readers could clarify this for us.


Now is the time to start asking the right questions and finding good answers to many of the little problems we face into today’s world. We all should be lending a hand, even if we don’t have much time left in our days. Using the little bit our spare time we do have, we could share creatively with our family will give us new opportunities to share that time together in learning new fun ways to enjoy life.

The readers should also be contributing ideas in accordance with the articles they read to help elevate all of our minds. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. May your family be blessed with creative thinking and love.

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How to Use Our Land

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