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one step at a time

One Step at a Time

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Monday 7/16/2015

Little Brother: I want to go home.

Big Brother: …so do I – one step at a time.

From what I have seen at my stay in jail, the moment anyone that enters as an inmate and fully realizes they are there is the moment they want to go home. This is obviously a natural reaction because what is created free cannot understand being held captive behind locked doors.

“You must have done something wrong…why you can’t find the place where you belong” is a famous Bob Marley lyric from his song, “Runnin Away” that fully describes the lost sheep who lost his way and cannot find his family. And if you know Bob Marley your family is the Family of God.

Jail is no happy place, no walk in the park…it is a correctional facility and you are locked down for a reason. Take the time to figure out what that reason is…and how to amend your mistakes, so you can go home and not come back.

A simple philosophy is this:

Everything happens to you for a reason, even mistakes. Use each moment as a learning experience, so you can find out who you truly are…a superhero. Everyone’s individual purpose, skill set, and gift of love is different, but that is why we need you and love you. That is why God needs and loves you. As a united family in love we can accomplish anything together as One. The best way to remember this is by working together one step at a time. “One step at a time” is a holy kiss (a simple prayer that brings truth to your mind to help you move in the right direction). God Bless my friend and good luck.

One Step at a Time

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