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innocet until proven not God's Son

Innocent Until Proven Not God’s Son

by Robert G Brown

Sunday 1/15/2017

If God is Love, the unconditional style, and we are all God’s children, the only hell that exists is the one we create for our self. Forgiveness is the gift of the Holy Spirit that gives us all the time we need to understand this point. We are all brothers and sisters and we live as One, whether we want to, or realize it. God’s only purpose right now for us all is to bring us home to Heaven no matter what we have been through or what choices we have made.

There is no eternal damnation for anyone, because not one is unworthy of forgiveness. Why wallow in self-pity or long standing resentments toward others, when we can release ourselves and our brothers and sisters from inner torture, misunderstandings, and the overall illusion the God seeks to punish us? He wants you to be safe and secure at Home with Him. Why do you choose to be separated from God or your family which includes every person on the planet, when you can share all God’s gifts openly and freely?

I struggle myself with understanding the truth of God’s blessings, but I strive to learn the meaning of my life. If God wants us to be happy, and forgiveness places us on the road to happiness, then there is hope for us all. Faith gives us a chance to see how powerful and clear God’s message is in our everyday life, when we realize freewill leads to freedom. Giving the blessing of love to those that need more time to fully embrace the simple fact we never left God, and we made the world the way it is to keep us company on our journey home, shares with us the truth of peace.

Innocent until proven not God’s Son. Sin is unforgivable, but mistakes need only be corrected. Let us correct our mistakes, so we may see beyond our illusions, and realize that there is no unforgivable sin. The truth is the same for everyone…unalterable and available to all that seek it. Forgive the world and find salvation.

Innocent Until Proven Not God’s Son

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