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Edited 08.06.2019

Help Homeless End Homelessness

Inspired by momma Gaia…I love you sweetheart. I can’t believe we poisoned your river out west, I hope we find a way to clean up that mess quick. (Yeah, we are all in this together…I thought you knew.)

Let us not forget out children…I love you Brandon for your ideas and inspiration.

Boberb – The Family of God gently corrects with care so you understand what you did wrong and why you are in error. “NO” is a stop word and does not explain the what or the why reason you are wrong and in error and this causes fear. Correction is for bringing ourselves and our loved ones back to God’s perfect love and appreciation for all of creation, which we are all an important part.

Knock Out Homelessness in Philadelphia

When I heard this statement, I pulled out a dollar immediately. One of our beautiful women who was a darker shade of love was handing out newspapers for a small donation to knock out homelessness in Philly. What an awesome statement? She had a big beautiful smile on her face as I approached, and there was no question I was going to help. 1 dollar…that is what I gave. Imagine if 7 billion people gave a dollar today. Think about how many people we could save. So, if you are walking around Philadelphia and see one of our awesome children knocking out homelessness in Philadelphia, I ask humbly for you to donate a dollar this glorious day. God Bless and thank you for your donation.

Knock Out Homelessness in Philadelphia

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