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Original Draft – Saturday 6/20/15 – Pasco County Jail
Edited Tuesday 08.06.2019

Inspired by the Supermen and Superwomen of the US Armed Forces, and as far as the army…we know who the totally awesome ones are now, because they upgraded to the MARINES. This article is also inspired by the Voices of Eternity (now Messages from Eternity) and my good friend Optimus Prime the Spirit of God up top for planet Earth’s final war and healing. Thank you all and God Bless.

Boberb – Freewill leads to Freedom. This is an important part of God’s changeless reality as explained in A Course in Miracles.

The army man says, “I am in the army.”

The MARINES say, “I AM the MARINES!”

Any woman in the army is the MARINES.

The army man sleeps in…while the MARINES are up before the sun comes up or earlier if needed, making sure your children, your wife or husband, your pets, any other family member, your house, your cars, your neighborhood, your country, and your world are safe from bad guys.

The army does his service proudly (well some of them…we will get to that later) and retires when ready. We ALL truly thank you for your service. (the good ones anyway)

The MARINES serve us every second of everyday, all week, all month, all year, their entire lives and beyond. We ALL proudly thank you for your eternal service to God. AMEN

Are you in the army or are YOU the MARINES?

I AM the MARINES in the FAMILY of GOD!


army vs. The MARINES

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