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life is right

Life is Right

Robert G Brown

Sunday 04.14.2019

There is nothing wrong with peace. Everything else is questionable. …But we all have different gifts to share in different ways to celebrate differences that lead to death so we may experience life in its mistake.

Life right now is what you think about you self and how the world treats you? Everyone seems to be treated different based on how they see the world? I see people scared of not being able to hurt others. Why? Freedom is just ahead. Reality shares information and ideas freely to expand limitlessly in body (as does mind. (?)

Unconditional love sets the foundation clearly to see nature and its dance. That is my thinking. I am here to get the shit out of the river and learn to recycle everything, while I rebuild the garden of Eden. Do you want to help? Do you already share a similar vision?

As a part of a family of all living things, I live here too. My dreams and goals are as important as yours. Sovereignty as a human is natural, so it is legal without any court or any other human’s judgment. You have land rights and instant access.

When homeless is a good option on a planet of death, life sees the solution written on your heart. Treasure is in its value. What you like is a part of your life. What takes over ends your life or sets you free. Power or love?

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Life is Right

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